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Just posted art...

2013-08-31 02:09:27 by Rickjaw

check it out...its done in ms paint.

Lucky son of a gun...

2012-04-12 05:06:43 by Rickjaw

It was a normal spring afternoon and I was waiting for the bus then..
Found this sweet 20 dollar bill right on the sidewalk and after i looked around there was nobody there to pick it up so I jacked it for myself...
I feel like I can spend all the sh*t I want now...
Now on an NG related topic..
What is the most expensive item in the NG store? (I'm too lazy to do my research) time posting...

2011-12-08 00:52:41 by Rickjaw

Soo....If you are reading you're probably wondering why your in my news post.
Well, Idk i just had a feeling i had too.
Oh and I'm probably submit a flash or an art...soo keep an eye for me even if it takes a millennia. :D

- Sincerely, Rickjaw